Al Gore's scientific incapacitation 
resulted to false information, creating a 
distorted picture, disorienting the public 
and scientific society from the real facts 
and causes, involuntarily shaping an 
expensive Monster of incoherence. 
The CO2 emissions have nothing to do with 
the atmosphere's warming. 
Two facts exist and aid in to a faster 
green development CO2+Pseudowarming having 
the same root, but different source. 
Pseudowarming by itself causes high 
velocity Hurricanes. 
Excessive CO2 emissions has a root of sub 
volcanic activity, which melts Clathrates 
on the seabed and the Icebergs source from 
beneath the sea level. 
Another incident during the melting 
process is the icebergs flipping, which 
happens as a consequence of ballast loss. 
In case the icebergs melt as a result of 
atmospheric temperature, flipping will 
not take place. 
The evaporated methane in the atmosphere 
converts to CO2 within several years, 
gets heavier and lowers to 17 Km causing 
sudden increase of the existed quantities 
in daily basis, which is not detrimental 
and does not increases the temperature 
at all. 
The same root of sub-volcanic activity, 
increases the source Oceans temperature 
(Ocean currents move the hot seawater all 
over) intermittently, altering the 
environmental temperature up to 2.5 miles 
of altitude forcing a Pseudowarming, 
(which Al Gore false-fully related to the 
increase of the C02 emissions), causing 
high velocity Hurricanes, mass fish 
extinction boiling herds of it and or 
shoving larger fish to the shore depends 
on the degree of the water's temperature. 
Also, surface Volcanic is a major direct 
contributor of CO2 emissions the 
quantities given may fluctuate from time 
to time but are still, not detrimental. 
To be candid, I most mention; Al Gore 
knew by instinct that something was wrong, 
he took a Course at Harvard University 
about environmental studies, but 
unfortunately got no help from his mentor 
Dr. Roger Revelle. 
In that order, went the wrong way raging 
a war against the CO2 emissions, which 
were high before the regulation. 
Students usually when they get no help, 
they get confused.
Every year, Arctic sea ice grows and extends 
through the winter.
On March 7, 2017, Arctic sea ice reached its 
annual maximum extent, setting a new record low. 
You can note the Ice decomposition, decay, as a 
result of sub-volcanic activity and influence of 
the Gulf and Alaska subtropical Currents. 
Also the great sudden spike above, from December 
27/2016 to January 14/2017, these spikes happen 
often resulting to dangerous geophysical 
alteration and massive fish life extinction. 
The absolute lack of ice along the Kamchatka 
peninsula and Aleutian chain where the 
sub-volcanism locates and the lack of the 
ice-load change on the islands because they 
can’t be affected of the hot seawater currents, 
states silently the conditions. 
The lack of Icebergs is obvious, it didn't 
happened during the summer and CO2 does not 
heat the atmosphere as Al Gore proclaims, 
in the contrary CO2 cools the environment. 
Extreme quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere 
will cause an instant and long term Ice Age. 
The highest ever noted Arctic temperatures on 
February 2018 and the nice 60º (Pseudowarming) 
we enjoy sometimes during the winter, is the 
result of the excessive subvolcanic activity 
along the Kamchatka peninsula, the Aleutian 
islands and the Mid Atlantic Ridge which 
encircles the Arctic Ocean causing the melt 
of frozen clathrates at the seabed and 
icebergs from beneath the sea level. 
It may look nice, but it is a highly 
dangerous event.


Mental retardation is a fact and will get worse. 

The only way to limit, confine it, is to eliminate the 
wobbling and help the liquid magma reserves at the 
Asthenosphere and Lithosphere move back to the liquid 
Violence and mass killings is of a mental imbalance, as 
a result of the Variation order by the above reserves, 
and it's only the beginning, expect wars and famine in 
the near future. 
Loss of magma will diminish the green development 
Surface cavities will result to extended 
droughts and wildfires.

Solidification and establishment of the magma on the 
crust and it's cavities causes Pole shifts as of 
extended surface Variation and magnetational 
interference on the Core's pull. 
The LONG VALLEY Caldera Dome is RESURGENT, in that 
order Wildfires through the Cavity-ies will continue,
the Wildfires at California are the result of the 
magma's inability to penetrate the Caldera's Dome, 
redirecting to Cavities (which is a lot worse).
We most detect the (Cavity’s-ies) 
temperature variation to the surface as 
a result of their depth, define their 
path and length in order to establish 
the Cavity’s threat on the surface and 
populated areas on all resurgent domes, 
currently the Yellowstone and 
Long Valley. 
This way we will be able to vacate 
areas before Wildfires take place, and 
properly prepare the grounds in order 
to minimize destruction.

Don’t look for Climate Change in the present Age. 
Because Climate change took place over 40 
million years ago, after the Great detachment 
and the Pangaea’s split. 
People nanoism, from 15' to 25' went 3' to 6', 
Dinosaurs went to the chicken and ostrich sizes, 
life (Nature) was drastically downgraded as a 
consequence of the excessive Carbon Dioxide’s 
effect, (with the blink of an eye the atmosphere 
injected with the amount of Carbon dioxide equal 
to what we have injected to it, since the 
industrial revolution more than 300 years ago). 
Our broken crust began traveling at random speeds
and directions shaping the Continents.
The achieved wobbling along with the fragmentation
enabled the magma's move on the upper layers,
further compromising the Planet's stability. 
Traditional education, mental retardation, 
selfishness and Judicial collapse renders
people defensive, minimizing their query
and perception. 
Controlled greed is acceptable, after that
it is a crime.


The Gravitational influence forced on 
our Solar  system is exogalactic.  
That happens because our Galaxy and 
Solar system  have been cannibalized 
by the Milky-Way Galaxy.  
It happens very often, Galaxies with 
greater  density absorb passing by 
Collisions between Galaxies are a 
routine right now the Milky Way’s 
ongoing collision is with the  
Sagittarius Dwarf elliptical Galaxy, 
which I believe is part of the LMC 
because of their  Stellar similarity, 
it's disorderly, perpendicular  orbital 
plane caused by lack of Nucleus within. 
The Sagittarius Galaxy elliptical form 
is an  indication of cross cannibalism 
via the Milky Way.  
Our Nucleus LMC as per it's possessing 
speed escaped  temporarily, but 
will bounce back to join the gang.  
The existed density and high 
gravitational pull, causes the present 
anomalies within the planetary Core and 
our Galaxy's G2V Spectral type Stars.  
Our outer Solar system has been 
overtaken by the  Milky-way's *Cosmic 
dust and Rays.  
Planetary systems like the Greeks, 
Trojans and  Hildas became clouds of 
debris, Mars exhausted its  liquid 
core and as per its huge volcanic rims  
remained intact, a planet without 
busted crust  (tectonic plates).  
We are the last planet in the altering 
process and  our near future indicates 
another cloud of debris,  unless we act 
in a proper way.  TheWall
A Galaxy’s moving force is it’s Nucleus Black Star 
or Black Stars.
After 2 Galaxies collide the Nucleus of the weak 
(eaten) Galaxy, and as a result of it’s possessing 
speed escapes temporarily.
Also, sometimes a chunk of it (at the outskirts) 
escapes, but the detaching from it’s Nucleus reduces 
greatly it’s resistance and results to a faster 
disorderly return to the new source.
The Sagittarius remains are no more than a detachment 
of our Nucleus LMC.
Their return to Milky Way will be magnificent and 
dreadful, because there is no Nucleus to resist the 
Milky Way’s absorbency.
Someday, not far away, lucky ones will watch the best 
show ever.
Our Moon is the result of a detachment that took 
place as of an intense, consecutive multi 
sub-volcanic activity, along the fire ring and the 
mid pacific subvolcanic chain, which after the 
explosion-detachment became surface volcanic 
Hawaiian Islands. 
The Pacific Ocean took place and new land risen as a 
consequence of exogalactic gravitational influence 
and a Poles-shift that was the decisive factor. 
Pole shifts are determined by the accumulation of 
Magma in the calderas at the lithosphere, at the 
Hot-spots on the Asthenosphere, and the cavities on 
the crust. 
The next pole-shift will happen in a matter of a 
short time and the next inundation of Asteroids from 
the outer Oort cloud is on its way towards our inner 
Solar system. Solutions are available. 
The time we waste now will not be available later.
From the Hawaii Island to the Midway Atoll 
and further west, calculating roughly the 
cubic miles of solidified magma, the 
islands are nothing else, but solidified
magma consequence of subvolcanic, 
Volcanic activity, we total an amount of 
600,000 cubic miles of it.
Now, if we do the same thing at the Atlantic 
Ocean and calculate the amount of Solidified 
magma on it’s ridge, the Surtsey Island, 
the Iceland and the Atlantic Ocean seabed 
(because it’s seabed has been made out of 
solidified magma), and continue doing the 
same thing at the South Pacific Ocean, 
the Indian Ocean, the Mediterranean Sea, 
the Crust’s cavities, Calderas and Pockets 
on the Asthenosphere we properly reach the 
Crush conclusion.
Crush because the mechanics call it. 
Crush because the Center of weight has been 
lifted to the upper levels of the Lithosphere. 
Crush because there is lack of support to the 
upper layers, as per the magma has moved up on 
the Crust through the vents, result of the 
Fragmentation, consequence of Exsolution.
The Crush will initiate on the Lower North 
American plate, from the Panama Canal to 
Southern Canada and part of the Western 
Caribbean Sea.
Once the final Fragmentation begin the 
Planet will be converted to a cloud of 
debris (progressively, within a few weeks).
There is still time, Solution is available, 
forget everything else and think about our 
Planet, because WE are the planet with most 
of the people in a latent state, as a result 
of the Variation, greed and false power.


I believe that everything is a matter of 
advanced mechanics and insight, not on the 
current status and limitations, established 
by false rules of traditional education. 
Excessive Volcanic, sub-volcanic activity 
which alters and directs the magnetic 
Poles to occasional flip as of presence 
of large magma quantities from the outer 
Core in to the lithosphere and extensive 
magnetic variation. 
Inner Solar system’s alterations as a 
result of extreme exogalactic gravitational 
influence and exogalactic dust’s invasion. 
Salt water dams within the inner Solar 
system, contributing to great or lesser 
floods (lesser floods happens everyday, 
result of cometary showers) and Ice Ages, 
as a result of the inner solar system’s 
inundation with Asteroids from the 
outer Oort cloud, taking place within 
the last 3 million years. 
Heavily penetrated Solar system with 
Cosmic Rays as a result of the decreased 
Solar wind’s resistance. 
(Scientists) can’t explain the Cosmic Rays 
origination because they falsely believe 
in the Black Holes existence. 
There is no such entity existed. 
*Cosmic Rays are the enfeeblement of 
Tachyons and Tachyons are the winds of 
the Black Stars, (more on the Black 
Stars page). 
We are the next and last Planet to be 
vitally altered before the Sun’s conclusion.
According to Dr. Donald Goldsmith, on his 
1991 edition book “The Astronomers,” 
asserts that the Moon’s mare of billions 
cubic feet solidified Andesitic magma, 
happened as a result of an impact with 
an Asteroid four billion years ago. 
Dr. Goldsmith does not state the 
asteroid’s size, does not provide any 
explanation about the Moon’s undamaged 
surface and does not take under 
consideration the existence of sealed 
Shield type volcanoes on a Moon without 
a core! 
For the record the Asteroid’s size 
should be at least seven square miles 
and the impact, as a result of lack of 
atmosphere on the Moon too, should 
convert her to powder for brain calluses.