I believe that everything is a matter of advanced mechanics and insight, not on the current  status and limitations, established by false rules of traditional education. Excessive Volcanic, sub-volcanic activity which alters and directs the Poles to occasional flip as of presence of large magma quantities from the outer Core in to the lithosphere and extensive variation. Inner Solar system’s alterations as a result of extreme exogalactic gravitational influence and Galactic dust’s invasion. Salt water dams within the inner Solar system, contributing to great or lesser floods (lesser floods happen everyday, result of cometary showers) and Ice Ages, as a result of the inner solar system’s inundation with Asteroids from the outer Oort cloud, taking place within the last 3 million years. Heavily penetrated Solar system with  Cosmic Rays as a result of decreased Solar wind’s resistance.
We are the last Planet to be vitally altered before the Sun’s conclusion. t.l.
 Every year, Arctic sea ice grows and extends through the winter. On March 7, 2017, Arctic sea ice reached its annual maximum extent, setting a new record low. You can note the Ice decomposition, decay, as a result of sub-volcanic activity and influence, of the Gulf and Alaska subtropical Currents. Also the great, sudden spike from December 27.2016 to January 14/2017, these spikes happen very often resulting to dangerous geophysical alteration and massive fish life extinction,  the absolute lack of ice within the Kamchatka peninsula and Aleutian islands where the subvolcanism locates and the lack of the ice-load change on the islands because they can’t be affected of the hot seawater currents.

The lack of Icebergs is obvious, it didn’t happened during the summer and CO2 does not heat the atmosphere as Al Gore proclaims, in  the contrary CO2 cools the environment. Extreme quantities of CO2 in the atmosphere will cause an instant and long term Ice Age.

 I did solved that issue. The above variation depends on the Volcanic, sub-volcanic activity, plates movement by 50% and our planet’s declination (wobbling) by 45%. There is no considerable Anthropogenic contribution.      

The Gore’s scientific incapacitation resulted to false information, creating a distorted picture, disorienting the public and scientific society from the real facts and causes, involuntarily creating an expensive Monster of incoherence. The CO2 emissions have nothing to do with the atmosphere’s warming. Both facts exist and aid in to a faster green development (CO2-Warming) having the same root, but different source. Excessive CO2 emissions is a result of sub-volcanic activity, which melts frozen clathrates on the sea-floor and the evaporated methane in the atmosphere converts to CO2 after 30 years causing sudden increase of the existed quantities. The same fact increases the Oceans temperature (Ocean currents move the hot seawater allover), intermittently altering the environmental temperature up to 2 miles of altitude causing mass fish extinction (boiling herds of it).



Our Moon is the result of a detachment that took place as of a consecutive multi sub-volcanic activity, exogalactic gravitational influence and a great flood that was the decisive factor. The next Great flood will happen in a matter of a short time and the next inundation of Asteroids from the outer Oort cloud is on its way towards our inner Solar system. Solutions are available; the time we waste now will not be available later. 

acidfctnSatellite data

Black Stars and Tachyons

The existence of Tachyons may very well be feasible and realistic from a Quantum Physics point of view, in order to solve, fill up the blanks and troubleshoot major issues within. It was difficult to discover, isolate and produce Neutrons and will be harder to do as well with Tachyons.
The main issue we confront with the Tachyons is that; We are not within their source. We are within their path. We have to meet their source, to learn, understand the process and the mechanism of the creation.
Australian Physicists Roger Clay and Philip Crough, on 1974 claimed successful detection of Tachyons.
They set up an Array of five one-meter-square plastic scintillators and photomultipliers, arranged in a square of thirty meters side to detect their showers.
Initially they believed that their experiment indeed detected Tachyons, but later on declared the opposite.

Although, they were partially right, because what they detected with their Scintillators was the Tachyons enfeeblement, which is the Cosmic Rays. Tachyons enfeeble to Cosmic Rays after certain amount of distance from their source. The reason why scientists even today do not know the origin of the Cosmic Rays, is the fact that  they consider the Black Stars as Black Holes!  In that order a black hole is all vacuum.
I certainly believe that, Tachyons could finally explain dark matter.
The next step is to isolate Tachyons and find out if they are charged particles, but in order to achieve it we most get half the way to a Black Star.
This energy is what will allow us, to perform intergalactic communication, and later on perhaps, explore our neighborhood efficiently.
 * The Gravitational influence forced on our Solar system is exogalactic. That happens because our Galaxy and Solar system have been cannibalized by the Milky-Way. It happens very often, Galaxies with greater density absorb passing by others. Our Nucleus LMC as per it’s possessing speed escaped temporarily, but will bounce back to join the  gang. The existed density and gravitational influence difference causes the present anomalies within the planetary core and our Galaxy’s G2 V Spectral type Stars. Our outer Solar system has been overtaken by the Milky-way’s Cosmic dust and Rays. Planetary systems like the Greeks, Trojans and Hildas became clouds of debris, Mars exhausted its liquid core and as per its huge volcanic rims remained intact, a planet without busted crust (tectonic plates). We are the last planet in the altering process and our near future indicates another cloud of debris, unless we act in a proper way.