Let’s get the Black Holes right.

The Black Holes are not an empty space 
at all. 
Astronomically it's a great amount of 
matter packed into a very small area. 
The term (black hole) refers to regions 
in space formed when a Star dies and 
collapses under the pressure of its own 
gravity to a single point in space 
called singularity. 
The reason of their black color is 
simply the fact related to their 
extremely high gravitational pull that, 
besides Tachyons nothing else escape. 
Think of a Star ten times more massive 
than the Sun, squeezed on to a sphere 
approximately the diameter of Chicago. 
The result is a gravitational field so 
strong, that only particles with 
greater velocity than light can escape.


The discovery of a Super-massive Black 
hole on 10/09/2012 called ULASJ1234+0907 
located in the direction of the 
constellation Virgo, is more  than 11 
billion years away,  so we see it as 
appeared in the early universe and we 
most exclude the possibility of 
In that order  we got a whole, pure, 
authentic Black Star which rejects Abhas 
Mitra theory in a documented and  
logical way. 
Another indication that establishes that 
Black Star as original is it’s Galaxy’s 
size which is not proportional. 
When cannibalism occurs the Galaxy’s 
size increases too.


That Monster Black Star has more than 10 
billion times the mass of the Sun and 
5,000 times the mass of the super massive 
Black Star at the Milky way’s center, 
making it one of the most massive ever 
The research indicates that there may be 
as many as 400 such giant Black Stars in 
the part of the heavens that we can 
This discovery justify my theory that we 
do not live in a Universe, because it’s 
pretty close to the Universe’s age.
I am sure that before 2020 we will 
discover with the aid of the new JWST, 
Black Stars and Galaxies way older than 
15 billion years.
We do live in a Multiverse.
American Physicist Dr. Laura Mersiny-
Houghton  and her Associate Professor 
Dr. Pfeiffer on 09/24/2014 claim that 
Black Holes do not exist and are 
mathematically impossible.
We Humans, are the correlation of a 
Nuclei Star, in that order events that 
exceed the speed of light are naturally 
out of our physical capabilities. 
So, what is detected within the events 
Horizon and beyond, is observable as a 
result of it's velocity, which do not 
originates from the Black Stars and does 
not surpasses the speed of photons. 
Abhas Mitra, a theoretical physicist of 
BARC in Mumbai supports that a Black 
Hole according to it's proponents, 
results from gravitational collapse of 
a massive Star 150 times the size of our 
Solar system after it runs out of fuel 
for Nuclear fusion. 
A black hole is all vacuum, except for 
an infinitely dense central point called 
singularity, the dead Nuclei Star's 
A Black Hole poses no centrifugal force 
and friction does not exist!


Although this is impossible for several 
Without friction the Events Horizon would 
not be possible and centrifugal force is 
Mandatory for the friction and swirling
to occur! 
Within the Milky Way and other Galaxies, 
we found Black Holes as they wrongfully 
call them the size of our Solar system 
and greater. 
Well, there are no available Nuclei Stars 
150 times the size of our Solar system to 
form a Black Hole the size of our Solar 
system after their collapse. 
There is no available Nuclei Star the 
size of our Solar system!
A dead Nuclei Star’s singularity simply 

Tachyons first proposed by Physicists 
Bilaniuk Deshpande and George Sudasrhan 
in their 1962 paper “Meta relativity,” 
published in the American Journal of 
Tachyon particles excretion of the Black 
Stars accelerates faster than photons. 
Nuclei Stars excesses Solar Winds, Black 
Stars Tachyons. 
The existence of Tachyons is realistic, 
feasible, fully justified from a Quantum 
physics point of view, and the normal 
result of the extremely high (compare to 
our standards) gravitational pull of the 
Black Stars.
(The greater the gravitational pull the 
faster the particles accelerate.)  
It was difficult to discover, isolate 
and produce Neutrons and will be harder 
to do as well with Tachyons.
The main issue we confront with Tachyons 
is that we can’t be within their source, 
we are within their path. 
Australian Physicists Roger Clay and 
Philip Crough, on 1974 claimed 
successful detection of Tachyons, using 
scintillators and photo-multipliers, 
but after a few years recalled.
Although, they were partially right, 
because what they detected with their 
Scintillators was the Tachyons 
enfeeblement, which is the Cosmic Rays. 
Tachyons enfeeble to Cosmic Rays after 
certain amount of distance from their 
source and up on confrontation with 
another Spectral type of Star as a 
result of it's winds resistance. 
The reason why scientists even today do 
not know the origin of the Cosmic Rays, 
is the fact that they consider the 
Black Stars as Black Holes!  in that 
order, a black hole is all vacuum!

I certainly believe that, Tachyons 
could finally explain Dark matter. 
The next step is to isolate Tachyons and 
find out if they are charged particles, 
but in order to achieve it we most get 
half the way to a Black Star.
This energy is what will allow us, to 
perform intergalactic communication, 
and later on perhaps, explore our 
neighborhood efficiently, but honest 
the Multiverse, I can't visualize it.


Our closest Star Proxima Centauri, a Red 
Dwarf Star, is 7 times smaller than the 
Sun, but 40 times denser with a life 
span of 6 trillion years! 
In comparison our Sun is a balloon and 
Proxima Centauri a Diamond. 
If we compare Proxima Centauri towards 
a Black Star, Proxima is the Balloon 
and Black Star the Diamond.
The fuel’s mixing at Proxima Centauri’s 
core through convection and the Star’s 
low energy production rate, indicates 
its life span as a main sequence Star 
for a six trillion years, 450 times the 
current age of their Universe.


Multiple massive Black Stars, composing 
the center of the Galaxies have an 
unknown lifespan, certainly over 12 
trillion years, fact that makes the 
current age of their Universe 
questionable and unstable. 
They try to fit their incoherent theory 
in to a 13.7 billion l.y. time frame 
and cut everything to their like. 
Although, like the Taylor finds out that 
there is no more clothing to finish the 
suit they got no more excuses to 
continue with their traditional 


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