Climate  change

I am writing in regards a very important and crucial subject, our Planet’s Geophysical Change.
I documented, proved and established that, Global warming does not exist in a

strong and affirmative way.
What we are going through is a Geophysical change since the great detachment, currently

on it’s last phase.
The (climate change) scam, grew up after I ended the Gore’s Syndrome (Global warming).
The climate change is for real, but it’s not recent, nor as of an Anthropogenic origin.
Climate change took place 46 million years ago; polar shifts, great floods and ice Ages
began 3 million years ago, but given the lack of scientific instruments
(Hubble space telescope etc) people laid the blame on Gods!
It took several million years for the Pockets to form, the Calderas to fill up, and the magma
to move on the Crust through violent explosions as a results of the exsolution process.
The Poles shift began 3 million years ago, after the Planet's center of weight moved
to it's upper layers.
Near future consequences will be severe and final, I can lead recovery, based on a Team effort.
You may think that 3 million years is a lot of time, but in a Cosmic sequence
it is like the blink of an eye.

There is ExoGalactic Gravitational influence forced on our Solar system, which happens
because our Galaxy and Solar system have been cannibalized by the Milky-Way.
It happens very often, Galaxies with greater density absorbs passing by others.
Collisions between Galaxies are a routine, right now the Milky Way’s ongoing collision is with
the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy (detachment from the LMC), and the forthcoming
with the largest known Galaxy in the neighborhood Andromeda.
After the merge takes place the weaker galaxy becomes part of the host.
Solar systems have to adopt (depends on their location and Spectral type) or go inactive.
This is what happening in our Solar system, we are on the verge to inactivity.
Already, our (outer) Solar system is off, the Sun’s Heliopause boundary minimized
and there is no way to change the course of it.
The only way to respond is to Unite, reinstate our Planet’s balance (that, will give us time),
and get ready with the help of the James Webb Telescope to move towards the outskirts
of the Milky Way to another G2V or K6V Solar system.
Flaws of the Change
7.2 million Years old human fossils discovered in Hellas and as of it new standards took place.
According some scientists Africa is no longer the origin of the Human kind, but the Eastern
Although, later on they may be surprised as well when they discover new fossils
indicating an over 60 million years old Humanity somewhere else within our Planet.