7.2 million Years old human fossils 
discovered in Greece and as of it new 
standards took place. 
According some scientists Africa is no 
longer the origin of the Human kind, but 
the Eastern Mediterranean. 
Although, later on they may be surprised 
as well when they discover new fossils 
indicating an over 60 million years old 
Humanity somewhere else within our Planet!

I am writing in regards a very important and crucial subject,
our Planet’s Geophysical Change.
I documented, proved and established that, Global warming does
not exist in a strong, affirmative way and defined the physical
origin of the excessive CO2 emissions in the atmosphere.
What we are going through is a Geophysical change since the 
great detachment, currently on it's last phase. 
There is ExoGalactic Gravitational influence forced on 
our Solar system, that happens because our Galaxy and Solar 
system have been cannibalized by the Milky-Way.
It happens very often, Galaxies with greater density absorb
passing by others.
Collisions between Galaxies are a routine, right now the 
Milky Way's ongoing collision is with the Sagittarius Dwarf 
Elliptical Galaxy (detached from the LMC), and the forthcoming 
with the largest known Galaxy in the neighborhood Andromeda.
After the merge takes place the weaker galaxy becomes part 
of the host.
Solar systems have to adopt (depends on their location) 
or go inactive.
This is what happening in our Solar system, we are on the 
verge to inactivity.
Already our (outer) Solar system is off, the Sun's 
Heliopause boundary minimized and there is no way 
to change the course of it.
The only way to respond is to Unite, reinstate our 
Planet's balance (that, will give us time), and get ready 
with the help of the James Webb Telescope to move towards 
the outskirts of the Milky Way to another G2V Solar system.

Our Nucleus LMC as per its possessing speed escaped temporarily, 
but will bounce back to join the gang. The existed Milky Way’s 
density, great gravitational influence and our Planet’s wobbling, 
causes the present anomalies within the planetary core. 
Our outer Solar system has been overtaken by the Milky-way's 
Cosmic dust and Rays. 
Planetary systems like the Greeks, Trojans and Hildas  by the 
frozen asteroids belt, became clouds of debris, Mars exhausted 
its liquid core and as per its huge volcanic rims remained 
intact, a planet without busted crust (tectonic plates). 
The Pacific’s chunk (or tectonic plates) density is greater 
than the North American plate’s because it is the direct 
extension of the Lithosphere, which took place during the 
Initial Eocene Age after the great detachment. 
Our Moon and the tidally locked debris by our planet’s day 
side is part of the Lithosphere and our lost crust, 
we lost 1/3 of our planet during the great detachment. 
As of it our North American Chunk’s west bound has ended, 
but the force from the Mid Atlantic Ridge continuous, 
causing heavy Earthquakes along the West coast (as a result 
of the plates friction) and the Caribbean Sea, forcing the 
plate to a new s/w/s direction.



The new route drives the southern end of the North 
American chunk in between the Caribbean and Coco’s plate, 
crushing the Caribbean on the South American plate and 
smashing the Coco’s against the Pacific and Nazca plates, 
creating another trench south of the Puerto Rico's one, 
forcing the final detachment and near future
planetary split, which one will happen with the next 
Polar shift.
Polar shifts do not happens because of our Solar system’s
gravitational influence, ghost planets like Nibiru
and the crap idiots serve every day.
Polar shifts happen because of the abnormal flow of the 
liquid outer core’s magma, as a result of our Planet’s 
wobbling (declination) after the Great detachment, 
which alters the Magnetic Pole’s position greatly, 
conducing in to the polar shift.
There is another one pending pretty soon as per the excessive
accumulation of magma, on pockets and calderas within the 
Crust, the Lithosphere and Asthenosphere, which can’t 
dissipate because of the dense, heavy andesitic layers 
on top of the calderas from previous explosions.
Anytime from now on the Polar shift is unavoidable 
unless we do something about it.


The (climate change) scam, grew up after I ended the 
Gore's Syndrome (Global warming). 
Now, the climate change is for real, but it's not as of an 
Anthropogenic origin. 
Climate change took place 46 million years ago; polar shifts, 
great floods and ice Ages began 3 million years ago, 
but given the lack of scientific instruments 
(Hubble space telescope etc) people laid the blame on Gods! 
You may think that 3 million years is a lot of time, 
but in a Cosmic sequence it is like the blink of an eye.


According the traditional belief, subduction is the sideways and 
downward movement of the edge of a plate of the earth’s crust, 
into the mantle beneath another plate, but this not possible 
because the lithosphere’s density is far greater of the crust’s 
and the Asthenosphere's greater than the Lithosphere's. 
In that order subduction happens only within the minds of 
dreamers not the Scientists. 
When two parts of the crust collide, synthlipsis and upward 
movement occurs. 
SUBDUCTION simply doesn't happens.


The Black Stars excretion of Tachyons enfeebles to Cosmic Rays. 
Their intensity varies as per the Black Star's position 
(distance from our Solar System) and mass. 
Also, perturbation of the outer Oort cloud as a result of the 
Proxima Centauri’s, Red dwarf Star close approach, causing to 
our inner Solar system's Asteroids inundation, creating water 
dams in space because the Solar winds melt the Asteroids ice 
within the inner Solar system.


Our Continental drift towards West was over 30 inches per year, 
beginning the Initial Eocene Age, but slowed down as per the 
plates increased distance from the mid-Atlantic ridge and 
eventually changed direction to S.W.S as of the Pacific plate’s 
That happens because the Pacific plate is the direct continuation 
of the Lithosphere with greater density and resistance driving 
the North American plate southwards, forcing the Caribbean plate 
southward and the Cocos S.W. creating a new trench south of the 
Puerto Rico’s trench, initiating the final detachment. 
Synthlipsis of the North American plate is expected in case 
we don't eliminate the planet's declination.

The age of survival has risen and certainly we have to take care 
of business confronting the challenge, eliminating the possibility 
of Asteroids entering the inner Solar system. 
The 20 billion dollars NASA received last year from the Obama 
administration is a good start and the nano-tech a plus, but 
they have to define, distinguish priorities and stop playing 
around on meaningless projects. 
The Hubble space telescope and AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) 
made us able to note changes on the atmospheric planetary 
condition of the Solar system and beyond.
This is a new status indicating exogalactic gravitational 
influence to our Solar system, great increase of Cosmic rays 
and invasion of Cosmic dust, causing limitation, confinement 
to a new boundary of the Heliopause belt at 5 AU just before 

We are the last planet in the altering process, our near future 
indicates another cloud of debris, unless we act properly. 
Time is of essence. Solution is  available.