There are 2 factors causing Pseudowarming.
1.-Subvolcanic activity.
2.-Major and minor currents.
Sub-volcanic works 2 ways.
During it’s activity currents will move 
the hot water allover the Ocean and this 
is enough to increase the atmospheric 
temperature up to 2 1/2 miles of altitude.
The duration and degree of the increase 
depends up on the subvolcanic activity.
During the Sun's hemispheric set to Southern 
latitudes, Pseudowarming is the main reason 
of the destructive Hurricanes we experience 
The same activity thaw out the frozen 
clathrates on the seabed releasing the 
methane to the atmosphere which after (12)
years converts to Carbon Dioxide and lowers
to 17 km of altitude joining the existed
Also,the Aleutian Islands sub-volcanic 
existence and currents (Alaskan subtropical) 
contributes along with the Mid Atlantic’s 
Ridge and the Gulf Stream current, to the 
North Pole’s surrounding, encirclement.
Consequently, during the winter while the 
temperature is below zero on the surface, 
the icebergs and seabed’s methane melts 
from below the surface simultaneously, at 
the seabed and the ocean’s subsurface.


The breach rate expansion of the North American plate, 
in relation to the Eurasian and African plates, determines 
the number and activity of the Volcanoes on the seabed floor.
The existing Mid Atlantic ridge, likewise as the other chunks 
or (tectonic plates) and the debris our Planet carries in 
permanent base within it's day side, is a result of the 
detachment and loss of a Continent that use to be at the 
today’s Pacific Ocean’s location.
The North America’s Continental drift towards s/w/s at the 
West coast is one inch per year, and that happens because 
the Pacific plate would not move easily as per it is not a 
part of the broken crust, but the direct continuation of the 
upper Mantle (Asthenosphere/ lithosphere), which is solid 
and denser. 
On the other Hand our Continental drift towards s/w/s at the
point of the Mid Atlantic Ridge is 30.77 for the time period 
of 1975-1984. 
There was similar activity within the last 190 years, but not 
nearly as prevalent as the last 25 years.
The difference between the interstellar and our Solar system’s 
cosmic dust is density. 
The Milky Way’s interstellar dust is denser and enriched than 
our Solar system’s cosmic dust. 
All Galaxies are not capable of supporting life as we know, 
and the Milky Way does not makes an exemption.


Our vast Oceans on the surface and sub-surface, are the result 
of the Proxima Centauri periodic activity, it's close proximity 
causes disturbance on the outer Oort cloud and consequently, 
as a result of the Sun's gravitational influence and heat, 
creation of gigantic space water spots takes place in the 
inner Solar system. 


The acidification is a fact and will get worse, but it happens 
as a result of the Fukushima Japan disaster  subvolcanic 
activity and Oceans pollution (mostly from the fleets), 
which continues growing, threatening with a total destruction 
of the oceanic life as a result of radiation and overheating 
of the salt water. 
The Japanese keep contaminating the Pacific and the ocean 
currents move the radiation all over the Pacific.
Earthquake sensitive zones like Japan should not be allowed 
to Nuclear reactors.
Although, despite the not only for Japan but for the world,
 Nuclear disaster at Fukushima, they are planning to build 
2 more Nuclear reactors.
Our decisions will determine (not the future), but if will 
be there a future for our descendants. 
For the time being all the wrong decisions have been made.



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