The (climate change) scam, grew up after I ended the Gore’s Syndrome (Global warming). Now, the climate change is for real, but it’s not as of an Anthropogenic or planetary origin. Climate change goes on several million years ago; polar shifts, great floods and ice Ages began 3 million years ago, but given the lack of scientific instruments (Humble space telescope etc) people laid the blame on Gods! You may think that 3 million years is a lot of time, but in a Cosmic sequence it is like the blink of an eye.
The Humble space telescope and AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) made them able to note changes on the atmospheric planetary condition of the Solar system and beyond. This is a new status indicating exogalactic gravitational influence to our Solar system, great increase of Cosmic rays and invasion of Cosmic dust, causing limitation, confinement to a new boundary of the Heliopause belt at 5 AU just before Jupiter.

What is Cosmic Rays and their source? The Black Stars excretion of Tachyons enfeeble’s to Cosmic Rays. Their intensity varies as per the Black Star’s position (distance from our Solar System) and mass.

Perturbation of the outer Oort cloud as a result of the Proxima Centauri’s, Red dwarf Star close approach and it’s way greater than our Sun’s gravitational pull, results to our inner Solar system’s inundation of Asteroids, creating water dams in space, because the Solar winds melt the Asteroids ice within the inner Solar system.
The frozen Asteroids zone is result of the weak Solar wind to melt the ice. Water from the dams that falls on the planets (as a result of their gravitational influence) as great floods and or as lesser floods (like cometary showers), altering the physical environment by the increase of H2O and Cosmic rays. We can note similar effects on the outer Solar system as of their local (planetary) volcanic activity and Cosmic rays influence.
The age of survival has risen and certainly we have to take care of business confronting the challenge, eliminating the possibility of Asteroids entering the inner Solar system. The 20 billion dollars NASA received last year from the Obama administration is a good start and the nano-tech a plus, but they have to define, distinguish priorities and stop playing around on meaningless projects. This is a team effort. All Countries on the planet have to take part on it (at least economically), in order to succeed and accomplish the task. We need modernized space stations between Jupiter and the frozen Asteroids zone.

Yellowstone an underground threat

Yellowstone had three eruptions within the last 3 million  years. The first one  about 2.1 million years ago was 6.000 times greater than the one at Mt. St. Helen’s in Washington State. The 3 previous incidents have set up on top of the chamber’s eye 3 heavy, dense layers of andesitic magma with a low oxygen profile.  In that order, the magma might heat up the ground, but will not explode because there is not enough oxygen in it to promote the magma’s travel to the surface, instant will expand (spread) and create huge cavities on a large radius. When the Lava spreads, as of lack of direct chamber’s force and existence of gravitational influence, keep’s spreading while there is adequate supply from  the Caldera (chamber). The Yellowstone’s double chamber guarantee’s permanent supply as a result of the planet’s wobbling.

We have to realize who we are, where we came from and where we should head to, in order to protect our planet and survive. Cultural and religious divisions are sources of greed, hate, foolishness and destruction. Our history on our planet goes back at least 60 million years, we have to restore our planet (reduce that declination (wobbling) to single numbers), end nuclear activities, initiate power independence and head towards the right direction (which is our Nucleus LMC) and away, off the Milky-way’s center, not a hard thing to do. t.l.