• The (climate change) scam grew up intensively after I ended 
the Gore’s Syndrome (Global warming).
• Polar shifts, great floods and ice Ages began 3 million 
years ago, but given the lack of scientific instruments 
(Hubble space telescope etc.) people laid the blame on Gods! 
You may think that 3 million years is a lot of time, but in 
a cosmic sequence it is like the blink of an eye.
• The Earth's longest mountain range Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 
bisects the Atlantic Ocean for 7,000 miles. 
The Mid-Atlantic ridge, fire ring, mid-Pacific volcanic chain, 
trenches, calderas and pockets of magma, became reality after 
the Great detachment and the Pangaea's split.
• The combined volcanic and sub-volcanic activities of the 
ridge, along with several hot spots, have produced the world's 
largest volcanic island, Iceland and lately another one just 
south of Iceland named Surtsey.


• That happens as of the Atlantic Ocean’s seabed inability 
to expand. 
The Atlantic Ocean's seabed is not a part of the planetary 
crust; it is mostly an effusion of andesitic lava (magma) 
from the Mid Atlantic Ridge. 
Since the North American Plate met the Pacific one which 
possess greater density because it is the direct extension 
of the Lithosphere, generating heavy earthquakes along the 
West coast (as a result of the 2 plates friction) and the 
under pressure Caribbean seabed, forcing the North American 
plate to a new Southern boundary in between the 
Cocos and Caribbean plates, crashing the Caribbean plate on 
Andes, creating another trench south of the Puerto Rico’s 
one and forcing the Cocos plate up on Nazca and Pacific, 
preparing the final detachment and near future planetary 
split, which will happen even without the help of the 
forthcoming polar shift.
We most detect the (Cavity-ies) temperature variation 
to the surface as a result of their depth, define 
their path and length in order to establish the Cavity’s 
threat on the surface and populated areas on all 
resurgent domes, currently the Yellowstone and 
Long Valley.
This way we will be able to vacate areas before 
(Wildfires) take place, and properly prepare the 
grounds in order to minimize destruction.


Since the industrial revolution at England 306 years ago, 
the injected CO2 in our atmosphere is 10% of the amount 
injected with the blink of an eye, 46 million years ago, 
during the Great detachment which caused the Thermal maximum.
The LONG VALLEY Caldera Dome is RESURGENT, in that order 
(Wildfires) through the Cavity-ies will continue, the 
(Wildfires) at California are the result of the magma's 
inability to penetrate the Caldera's Dome redirecting to 
Cavities (which is a lot worse).



• In that order, very often in mid-winter time, we witness the 
melt of icebergs and unusually high temperatures.
• At Initial Eocene Age case, we had an abnormal interference, 
which brought sudden, drastic climatic and geophysical changes.
• An abrupt and gigantic injection with Carbon was the result 
of synchronous, multi super-volcanic explosions, along the 
today's Pacific fire ring and Mid Pacific volcanic chain.
• Existed trenches and high center of weight as per the 
Continent’s huge mountains, exogalactic gravitational 
influence, Polar shift and violent rotation’s reversal, 
caused the Split and loss of the Pacific Continent, which 
existed where the Pacific Ocean locates today.
• In contrary to the climatic change, that took effect for 
a short period of time about 150,000 years, from which the 
first 10,000 years the Planet went through a pitch dark 
condition until absorbed the excess carbon and Nature took 
over again, geophysical change took effect in permanent base.
• The Planet’s shell after the split crashed and caused the 
Pangaea's rupture, resulting on the tectonic Plates and 
Continents creation.
• Their movement mostly towards the blanks, at various 
speeds and directions is permanent.
• The Carbon’s injection caused the Dinosaurs disappearance; 
Horses became the size of a dog; People Nanoismed, mostly 
within the Eastern Asia, Western America and in between, 
Nature became weak and dry.


Our Moon created as of that loss, egressing through as 
a giant fireball, leaving a permanent footprint over the 
South Pole on the ozone layer. The debris we carry today in permanent base by our 
Planet’s day side is as of the same event, we lost 1/3 
of our Planet during the great detachment, 
(all Planets have to be clear of debris after they 
shape as one).


A few words about gravity tractors. 
Gravity Tractors are not an ease task to achieve 
and most be set through the United Nations.
We can use Gravity tractors as false Poles, to 
stabilize the Planet's rotation, eliminate the wobbling, 
minimize the volcanic, sub‐volcanic activity and move 
the magma from the Super Volcanic calderas and their 
deep hot spots back to the Liquid core, eventually as a 
result of lack of wobbling the magma will move by itself 
back to the liquid core or the leftovers of it.The gravity tractors should rotate at the Planet's 
exact rotation speed and the same time applies (from a 
space distance) specific gravitational influence at a 
permanent position in order to eliminate or reduce the 
Planet's wobbling. (Neutral establishment, does not 
have to be placed over the ordinary Poles position).
We may have to alter the Satellites routes and 
restrict their presence on certain coordinates, an easy 
thing to do. The best solution is to restrict the 
Satellites to a zone between 45° North and 45° South. In other words, the G.T. will be our standard false 
Poles with purpose to eliminate the declination, 
stop the liquid core’s traveling, reinstall stability, 
minimize volcanic, sub‐volcanic activity, reduce the 
Plates traveling and give our Planet the chance to 
heal as one. t.l.

Sitting up on a time Bomb

Living up on a time Bomb


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