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Proxima Centauri, Gliese 445,
Oort cloud, Rigel, A Centauri B,

The orbital route of Proxima Centauri, brings the red dwarf Star too close to A Centauri less than 13,000 AU
(about 1/5 of a ly) a G2V spectral type Star with a juicy Halo greater than our Solar system's.
In that order turbulence and mutual Halo's embezzlement with the Proxima must be taken as a fact, with A Centauri B taking the major pounding, and the detected rocky exoplanet at Proxima Centauri on 2016, may
have been a result of embezzlement.
I suspect large Halo on Proxima Centauri and severe gravitational pull, which will perturbate our Halo greatly.
The postponed Launch of James Webb telescope does not makes things easier.
I do hope that, by the summer of 2022 after the Launch takes place, we will be able to notice and clarify the
facts properly.
The average distance between A Centauri A and B is about 11 AU, almost the same distance as the Sun is to Uranus.
Proxima Centauri may be passing through the system and will leave the vicinity in several million years,
or it may be gravitationally bound (fat chance) to the binary pair.
Proxima Centauri along with Ross 248 are the closest Red Dwarf Stars to the Sun at 4.25 L.Y. presently.
Proxima has 40 times our Sun’s density and a life span of 4 to 6 trillion years (300-450 times the current age of their Universe).
Proxima has much greater gravitational pull than our Sun's and an elliptic orbit as a result of the mutual gravitational pull, which brings the Star close to 1.5 L.Y from the outer border of our Sun’s halo,
without counting the Red Dwarf's halo because we can’t verify it.
Another dwarf Star the Ross248 will arrive after 35,000 years to a closer proximity at about 1 L.Y from our outer halo border and will recede after 5,000 years, Proxima will stay in it's close proximity for 50,000 years.
We are on the brink of unprecedented and destructive challenges ahead.
Red Dwarf Star, Mini Black Star,
Rigel and her companion as a result of the extremely close encounter with Proxima at 1/5 of a LY, most be in really
bad shape and critical condition.
As it usually happens the first Star to go inactive will be her Companion A Centauri B.
(They) characterized the Star as a K1V spectral type basically because it is a lot dimer than Rigel,  but they may
be well mistaken.
Jupiter once used to be active, creating a binary system along with the Sun.
Although, the Dwarfs gravitational pull, Halo's embezzlement and as of it Asteroids perturbation and inundation of the Solar System, caused the deep freeze of what we call today outer Solar system, rendered inactive Jupiter, destroyed the Greeks, Hilda's and Trojans planetary systems by the Jupiter's zone, set the Mars inactive exhausting all of it's magma through it's huge Volcanoes and is in the verge to create another cloud of debris, this time within the inner
Solar system and the Planet Earth.
The Asteroids inundation on previous approaches caused the deep Oceans and the water dams in space, changing
the inner Solar system's Planetary quo to increased eroded, and as a result of the Solar winds minimization and the
Jupiter's inactivation rendered the outer Solar system in a deep freeze condition.

Proxima Centauri, Ros248 and Gliese445 gravitational pull, will cause again turbulence on the Oort cloud, which in return will result to the inner solar system’s inundation with Asteroids of great magnitude, creating additional dams of seawater under the Sun’s rays and K’s of impacts on the Sun’s surface and the solar system’s Planet.
I suspect large Halo on Proxima Centauri as a result of it’s close encounter with the binary of Rigel, a G2V and K1V Spectral type of Stars.
Also, severe gravitational pull is mandatory with the Red Dwarf Stars.
Heliopauce belt, interstellar,
NASA Declares massive Global Warming!

…on inner and outer Solar system at their effort to explain new great hot spots on Jupiter’s Northern Hemisphere!
As a result of interstellar dust’s friction and in conjunction with the Cosmic Rays (Tachyons) influence, caused by the lack of Solar winds (resistance) and Sun’s gravitational pulling, the Solar system’s Heliopause belt has been overtaken and minimized by the interstellar medium to a fraction of its original region (between Mars and Jupiter), which is the frozen Asteroids zone, along with the Greeks, Hildas and Trojans.
In that order our Solar system indicates false consequences of warming.
Actually is the outer Solar system’s deep freeze and egg shell’s formation which happens as a result of Solar winds successful confrontation of the interstellar medium, after their initial minimization.

Saturn, Mars, fossil fuel, ozone,
What we witness today is great floods taken place on the planets of Solar system, through the existed space dams.
The oxygen generated is a consequence of the Solar winds influence, Planetary temperature and Cosmic Rays radiation (Tachyons), alters the balance of the planetary oxygen, increasing the green color on Planets with an active Core.
Yes, they do make mistakes at NASA, but at least they don’t lay the blame on Gods.
Perhaps, we will never experience the forthcoming round of the dwarf Stars (Mini Black Stars) and that because our Planet is at the last and final stage of that critical geophysical change. 
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