All of the above quotes indicate superiority in offense and a traditional habit which adopts offense as the main response to an enemy’s menace, but it doesn’t has to be like that. Sometimes defense is a more effective way to protect our Nation and our allies than offense. Proper defense will install us winners and prevent war.


The Sino-alliance threat is for real. The Japanese wanna see us dead after the bombing which resulted to their defeat and the end of the world war II.      Although, they forgot that they began the party with their attack on Perl Harbor. The Chinese pay attention on Cyber piracy and the development of short and medium range Ballistic missiles. They do develop everything by digging in our public domains and the help of Japanese. Both China and Japan are behind the development and rise of the ICBM at North Korea, we consider North Korea a Country but actually is China. In that order China needs no ICBM not yet, they got North Korea to play the game, China will keep our fleet away (they hope) with their new East Wind MRBM while North Korea will spread the ICBM’s all over the U.S.A.


The last 5 years we experience heavy, extensive and simultaneous multi phase incendiarism on our west coast and the Canadian one. That incident has not been noted on the Mexico’s west coast, or Central America Countries despite the fact of hotter climate within. I firmly believe that today, anybody with a basic knowledge of physics and good computation skills can setup an array of Antennas and through proper RF transmission, heat the Ionospheric electrons directing beams of high temperature at several positions. A small Array of Antennas in a warehouse with a sliding roof can easily perform the operation under the expertise of Sino-alliance personnel at North Korea. Eastern and single number latitudes may be harder to reach from N. Korea. Solution is available.



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