All of the above quotes indicate 
superiority in offense and a traditional 
habit which adopts offense as the main 
response to an enemy's menace, but it 
doesn't has to be like that.
Sometimes defense is a more effective 
way to protect our Nation and our allies 
than offense.
Proper defense will install us winners 
and prevent war.
The Sino-alliance threat is for real.
The Japanese wanna see us dead after the 
bombing which resulted to their defeat 
and the end of the world war II.
Although, they forgot that they began 
the party with their attack on 
Perl Harbor.
The Chinese pay attention on Cyber 
piracy and the development of short and 
medium range Ballistic missiles.
They do develop everything by digging 
in our public domains and the help of 
Both China and Japan are behind the 
development and rise of the ICBM at 
North Korea, we consider North Korea a 
Country but actually is China.
In that order China needs no ICBM not 
yet, they got North Korea to play the 
game, China will keep our fleet away 
(they hope) with their new East Wind 
MRBM while North Korea will spread the 
ICBM's all over the U.S.A.
Violent shake off of lava happens after 
nearby earthquakes, underground nuclear 
tests and or settling, which enables the 
magma to access fresh crust rich on 
oxygen oxygen is the lava's gun powder 
expand and begin the creation of 
cavities Once the shooting takes place, 
continues while the Caldera supplies 
with magma, up on the Calderas magma 
exhaustion the shooting ceases and the 
formed cavities take permanent shape. 
The Caldera will refill from the pocket, 
but by the time that happens (after a 
few years), the cavities are (fixed) 
and no access to live crust is possible 
until a new settling takes place as a 
result of an Earthquake or underground 
Nuclear test. 
The area’s seismogenic condition 
dictates the frequent volcanic state, 
and the often volcanic activity defines 
the seismogenic path.


There is a lot of fuss lately about the 
new Russian ICBM (Sarmat), a Russian 
word which derives from the Arabic 
Sarmoota, translates to Prostitute and 
this is not coincidence. 
The Syrian president Bashar al-Assad 
placed an order and asked the Russians 
to develop a State of the Art ICBM as 
his last card on the ongoing war, which 
one will use against the Israel and us. 
Particular initial target is the New 
York Statue of Liberty which they call 
Sarmoota, but do not worry Folks. 
I got good news, we can Isolate and 
destroy their Sarmootas at any time.


The Prostitute is MIRV-equipped, 
(multi thermonuclear warheads, each 
capable to hit a different target). 
The lower capsule contains Liquid fuel, 
the top Capsule Contains proper 
electronics and an Inertial electrostatic
confinement fusion system, which takes 
over after the disengagement of the 
liquid capsule giving the Missile 
extended range. 
Although, we can detect, isolate and 
destroy the missile up on her launch. 
We can detect even Muon catalyzed 
fusion (that particle catalyzes at 
room temperatures), but the Russians 
have not been there.


The perpetrators target is our Country 
and there is no other means to defend 
our Land than proper defense. 
We can react to their challenge by the 
same means, but this will trigger the 
3rd thermonuclear world war, the 
end of our Planet. 
We must develop proper defense and 
disable their ..BM's on Launch. 
This method can be easily achieved.

Our inner Solar system is under constant 
threat from the (Frozen Asteroids zone), 
that zone actually is mostly the result 
of the 3 destructed planets debris, 
Hilda's, Trojans and Greeks. 
It is about Planets because their chunks 
carry frozen liquid core's magma which 
acts as magnetic influence holding the 
chunks together, forming the cloud 
of debris.


The Red dwarf Star's Proxima Centauri 
elliptic orbit, which is the result of 
a mutual gravitational pull with the 
Sun, will bring the Proxima at its 
closest approach distance of 2.9 l.y 
within 27,392 years, without counting 
their Halo (Sun's+Proxima) and 
extended gravitational pull. 
In that order mutual disturbance of 
Halo's and embezzlement will occur 
at least 15,000 earlier. 
That occasional encounter destructed 
the 3 Planets above and the outer Solar 
system, created the Frozen Asteroids 
zone and is on the verge to end our 
Solar system's active existence with 
the forthcoming inundation of Asteroids 
as a result of the encounter. 
We must develop proper defense in order 
to survive and we have got to begin 
with our Planet. 
Wars must be a bad past remembrance. 
We must organize properly the 
United Nations entity and take the step 
ahead convincing others to follow.


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warming and established the physical 
origin of the CO2 emissions. 
What we are going through is a 
Pseudowarming see articles on Home page. 
We need the 5 billion dollars spend 
annually for no reason, in order to 
troubleshoot real causes threatening 
our Planet. 
Let's get things right once.


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