The making of my Generator

Constructing a long term Generator in order to equip an Airplane, a none batteries equipped vehicle with a range of unlimited mileage, a ship or a building, does not have to be a big deal, but it does has to be the right deal.
The right deal regards materials and Architecture.

Here is the way to build a high output, outer rotor Generator with her cell on external ceramic ball bearings.
The Generator’s body must be made out of (Mg) Magnesium.
Magnesium is 34% lighter than Aluminum at almost the same price and provides greater strength.
Magnesium offers greater thermal conductivity and strength with a coat of 1-3.00mm (depends the Generator’s capacity) Ceramic sol-gel composite coating for electrical insulation, isolates the electromagnetic force produced during the production.
It is impossible to run a generator shaft by shaft because of the electromagnetic force generated by the two bodies not because of the incoherent statements served by (experts) that Nature demands same power given as the power taken.
An AC or DC motor will be used for the Generator’s direct motion with it’s cell made similarly as the Generator’s.
The motor must match her RPM, Nm (torque) and be on ground support.
Once the motor comply’s with the requirements we can run any capacity.
It should mount on three plugs on the generator’s top shell and on a cylindrical face.
The distance from plug to plug and size of the motor’s cylindrical face, should be determined by the Generator’s capacity.
As a basic rule (the wider the cylindrical face of the motor the less resistance Nm the motor will encounter.)
The Generator’s CELL (Outer Rotor) must run on external Ceramic bearings and up on ground support.
That eliminates the bearings overheat, makes their lubrication and their substitution once every 50 years an ease task.
The none motion Stator should lay on Stainless steel feet, 6” off the ground.
The Vehicles, Ships and airplanes generators most simulate the construction of a Gyroscope.
Twin outer rotor on single pivot is possible for high output generators.

In order to perform the biggest change ever, we most build the generator properly.
The objective is to have the current providers follow us and the simple reason about it is, that we need what they got.
We need the power lines, millions tones of copper on the lines which we can convert to windings.
Also the same lines carry millions lbs of rubber which can be used for the Generators accessories.
The steel towers carrying the lines could be converted to scrap in exchange with China for Magnesium, and most of all we do not need enemies, get the existed companies involved in the business and share the profit.
The high voltage produced by the step up transformers greatly increases the variation and interferes with the Core’s magnetational force.
One zip code at a time will be the pace of the operation.
Our Planet’s magnetic field is weakening at an accelerated pace, let’s stop the madness and build a
better tomorrow.

Pace, Torque, Isolation

Theodore Lar
Themistoklis Liardakis